'Made in the EU"中的“EU”代表那个国家这是我在一包名叫《MABA》的香烟上看到的,就是不知道它代表那国.是一包香烟的名称,中文叫《马霸》。应该有具体的产地吧,那它是属于欧盟里面的那

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'Made in the EU

'Made in the EU"中的“EU”代表那个国家这是我在一包名叫《MABA》的香烟上看到的,就是不知道它代表那国.是一包香烟的名称,中文叫《马霸》。应该有具体的产地吧,那它是属于欧盟里面的那
'Made in the EU"中的“EU”代表那个国家

'Made in the EU"中的“EU”代表那个国家这是我在一包名叫《MABA》的香烟上看到的,就是不知道它代表那国.是一包香烟的名称,中文叫《马霸》。应该有具体的产地吧,那它是属于欧盟里面的那
让我想起相关的还有一个CE (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE) 凡是贴有“CE”标志的产品就可在欧盟各成员国内销售,无须符合每个成员国的要求,从而实现了商品在欧盟成员国范围内的自由流通.


EU=European Union 欧盟

europe欧洲 不是国家


Made in EU中的EU是哪囯的缩写? 家人从外面拿了包外国香烟,上面写着“made in the EU ”,所以EU是哪个国家? 'Made in the EU中的“EU”代表那个国家这是我在一包名叫《MABA》的香烟上看到的,就是不知道它代表那国.是一包香烟的名称,中文叫《马霸》。应该有具体的产地吧,那它是属于欧盟里面的那 英语翻译made in the EU .10 mg 0.8 mg nicotinesurgeon general's warning:Smoking may cause lung cancer,heart disease,emphysema,and may complicate pregnancy.10 mg tar made in the usa 英语翻译There are around 700,000 EU and 800,000 non-EU immigrants working in France.About 44% of the workforce is made up of women.Unemployment is running between 9 and 11% (with approx.4% long-term unemployment).Structural unemployment is mainly 以下这句中的in He has made constructive comments,which in turn,have made the dialogues more interesting. 英语翻译(zf) stress the importance of developing a real Web E-agora where Union citizens can have a more interactive discussion with policy makers and other institutionalstakeholders;(zg) encourage the active participation of the EU in different Made in the Netherlands是什么意思 Made In The USA 歌词 英文 made in the shade the scientists made the children interested in nature 中的 interested 能换成 interest吗? The shirt ______China. I prefer the clothes_____silk.A. is made in, made of B. made in C. is made in, is made of D. made in , made of EU the EU Takeover Directive翻译 lingling loved the beautiful city while she was in eu-rope改为同义句.thank You The Eu intiative for promoting rural development in Ireland.initiative什么意思!在这里怎么翻译! the machine is made in china ,the whole of it is green这句话中的the whole of it